26th February 2019

Acidoll, a boost for your digestive system


As we age or suffer from chronic diseases, our bodies begin to slow down and this means our stomachs too.

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is produced in the stomach and has a number of important functions. It assists with digestion of food, sterilisation of ingested food, and activation of Pepsin, a protein digesting enzyme. It also importantly assists with the absorption of minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc and allows vitamin B12 to be extracted from food stuffs.

A lack of HCl can result in gut symptoms such as gas and bloating and also result in poor appetite. People carrying out nutritional therapies based on the optimum absorption of food and juices may need help for the intake and digestion of food, especially protein digestion.

HCl should not be taken in cases of GI inflammation or stomach ulcers.

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