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Enema Equipment

Enemas are safe and easy to use.      
You use them to clean the lower half of your large bowel (sigmoid colon).

Castor Oil, (Organic), 250ml bottle
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WE CAN ONLY SHIP THIS ITEM TO MAINLAND UKThe most common application of castor oil is as a castor pa..

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Enema Book
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A true classic and a most valuable enema booklet for those on the Gerson Therapy, or anyone interes..

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Enema Bucket Kit (Soulgenie) 2.25 litre stainless-steel
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This Gerson approved, stainless steel enema kit from Soulgenie, contains:A stainless-steel bucket w..

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Enema Coffee, Gerson Organic Roast 1kg
£19.00 Ex Tax:£19.00

This organic, fair trade, ground coffee is for medical purposes only, as prescribed by your doctor o..

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Enema Equipment, Pack of 6 Replacement Rectal Catheter
£7.20 Ex Tax:£6.00

Replacement Rectal Catheter for your Enema Equipment. 40cm LONG Medical grade PVC (Shore Hardness A..

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Enema Mats (disposable) x 30
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Enema Mats (disposable) - pack of 30. Fast absorption and distribution of liquid. 60cm x 60cm..

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