The benefits of Coffee Enemas

The benefits of Coffee Enemas

Posted By:Yvonne Wake (BSc MSc RPHNutri and Life Coach)

Everyday I bless the moment I found out about Coffee Enemas! I know that sounds strange, but 21 years ago I was diagnosed with a very serious liver complaint which didn’t seem fair as I am a highly qualified (and practice what I preach) public health nutritionist and wellbeing expert.The condition runs in the family as I went on to find out.However, long story short is that I am now a fully signed up coffee enema convert and even teach my clients how to carry out the procedure and run health retreats in France with full blown coffee enema instruction included.At first, not everyone wants to do them, and that’s cool, but they all want to know about them and very slowly become interested and go on to become regular converts. I still do mine regularly (once every two weeks), and know that they are very important to my health.

It can be daunting, funny, maddening, unusual, and downright annoying when you first start doing them. Preparing the liquid is a little time consuming, being prepared yourself (i.e. making sure you have been to the toilet before and emptied your bowels as enemas are way more efficient when you are not blocked up with poo), preparing your space in the bathroom, making sure you are alone in the house so that you can relax, preparing a leak pad and a candle is always helpful, and so on. But I would say, be patient and keep trying until you get to a place where you are comfortable with it and also starting to feel the benefits, and only then will you be able to fully accept, enjoy and even love your coffee enema ritual.

I was asked the other day what I would like on a desert island if I had been shipwrecked, my answer was my Champion Juicer, Apple Cider vinegar, brewer’s yeast, Epsom salts, argan oil, and Gerson’s coffee enema paraphernalia (coffee and pot).Perfect combo for healing yourself when shipwrecked!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a few tips, always happy to help.

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Yvonne Wake (BSc MSc RPHNutri and Life Coach)

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