15th November 2019

Castor oil and clay packs


Help manage pain control without drugs by using castor oil and clay packs.

Warm castor oil packs can be used to alleviate muscle and bone pain, spasms and cramping. They also increase circulation, relax muscles and disperse toxicity. They can also be used as a gentle stimulant for the lungs, liver and colon. The absorption of the oil through the skin softens and helps to shift toxic matter and stagnant mucus from these areas.

Preparing a castor oil pack

  • Take 3 layers of cotton cloth large enough to cover area being treated. Cover each layer in oil in turn as you place them onto the skin.
  • Cover with a slightly larger piece of plastic (ie a plastic bag).
  • Secure with a bandage.
  • Place a warm, not hot, water bottle over the pack.
  • Leave for a minimum of two hours, replacing the water as it cools.
  • Store cloth in freezer for next use.

Clay packs help to relieve “hot” swollen inflammations and pain especially around arthritic joints and tumours and in other areas of fluid retention. The clay draws out toxins and absorbs them and can be especially helpful when placed over the liver. It can also reduce infection at the site of an open injury and applied around the head alleviate headaches and seizures and draw out insect bites.

Preparing a clay pack (poultice)

  • Mix clay with warm water to form a smooth paste.
  • Spread onto cotton cloth large enough to cover area being treated.
  • Lay poultice directly onto the area with the clay next to the skin (cover first with thin gauze if skin broken, but do not use on an open wound without practitioner guidance).
  • Secure with a bandage.
  • Leave until dried out, preferably overnight.
  • Discard cloth.

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