16th August 2019

Is Colostrum the food of life?


Colostrum, the first food of life, but is it only beneficial to infants?

Colostrum is produced before the milk and contains not only protection from viruses and bacteria but also contains immunoglobulins. These support the natural immune system and growth factors that support the growth and healthy renewal of cells in the body. This valuable substance helps set up and support a new infant’s immune system and it does the same to strengthen the flagging defence system of immune-deficient adults.

Colostrum can not only assist the immune system to function normally it can help reduce viruses, bacteria growth, help speed recovery after illness, slow the signs of ageing, and support normal blood sugar levels, amongst many other things. It is most useful in protecting, restoring and repairing the gut, especially from damage done by chemotherapy and other medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

Colostrum from cows (bovine colostrum) has been used as a health supplement by humans for thousands of years. It is nearly identical to human colostrum and research actually confirms it is four times richer in immune factors.

The dosage varies with the individual and the reason for taking it.

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