26th February 2019

Potassium vs chronic degenerative diseases


Why is potassium such an essential supplement in the fight against chronic degenerative diseases?

Even decades ago Dr. Gerson recognised the basic problem in many of these diseases was the loss of potassium from the cells and the consequent penetration of sodium into them causing tissue damage from the loss in cell minerals. In the developed world, when diets are even higher in sodium, potassium losses are promoted exasperating the situation further.

So back to why potassium is so important. Potassium is a key mineral with in the body cells and without it cells are starved of oxygen and die. By increasing the intake of potassium substantially, using a supplement alongside a potassium rich organic vegetarian diet, the body can release the excess sodium in order to control cell energy and toxic congestion and reduce vulnerability to disease.

Once the removal of sodium and the reintroduction of potassium had begun to take place, usually over the course of one to two years, Dr Gerson, found that the cell energy was restored and the body started to heal itself, tumours were subsequently reabsorbed by the body and a decrease in the symptoms of the disease occurred.

To prepare the Potassium Compound mix of threes salts (Potassium as Gluconate, Acetate, and Monophosphate) dissolve the entire pot of powder into a litre of distilled water and store in a dark glass bottle in the fridge. Use teaspoons of the solution made (the number of which may vary according to the directions of your practitioner) to add to the juices. Discard any unused solution after 30 days and remake afresh.

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