Gerson Roast Organic Enema Coffee 1kg

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  • 100% Ugandan, organic, fairtrade Robusta coffee beans
  • Selected in consultation with Gerson specialists
  • Lightly roasted to minimise irritation of the bowel
  • Not suitable for drinking

This organic, fairtrade coffee was selected consultation with the Gerson support network and other Gerson practitioners to be used therapeutically, for preparing coffee enemas.

The coffee beans are strong in caffeine but are roasted at a very light roast almost a sand colour which minimizes any irritation to the bowel.

The coffee made from this roast is not suitable for drinking.


100% Ugandan, organic, fairtrade Robusta coffee beans, very lightly roasted


Store in a cool, dry place.
Do not repack the beans once opened.


Do not store the liquor brewed for an enema more than a day, as it could pick up mould spores, even when kept in a fridge.

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