• Pennine Rectal Catheter 18FG (Pack of 6)

Pennine Rectal Catheter 18FG (Pack of 6)

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  • Medical grade, PVC tubing
  • Latex-free, soft and kink resistant
  • 40cm long
  • Rounded closed tip with two lateral side holes
  • Pack of 6, each supplied in sterile, individual peel pouches
  • Universal funnel-shaped connector compatible with many buckets
  • Compatible with the SoulGenie enema bucket on our website

Simple design that it may be both inserted and removed by the patient with one hand. This soft and flexible rectal catheter is a 40cm piece of PVC tubing to provide access to the human secretion system through rectum to discharge the waste with maximum comfort to the patient.

The tube provides very good growing grounds for bacteria. After use, the working end of the tube must be cleaned thoroughly with soap and hot water. Rinse after washing with a teaspoon of 6% hydrogen peroxide in a little distilled water.

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